Introducing the Sirtfood Diet – Lose 7ibs in 7days

Has anyone tried the Sirtfood Diet? I first came across the Sirtfood diet in Cosmo’s March 2016 edition, great I thought a diet revolved around Green Smoothies. Then it started cropping up everywhere Daily Mail, Independent it was even in the Metro on my way to work. I felt like it was a sign! This diet is for me it was made for me and i’m going to do it.

 To some my excitement seems weird but as you know I have a great love for those healthy green juices I have one a day for breakfast (Reminder: I lost 2 stone with this) . I have to be part of this diet revolution. So I bought the book and off I went reading away. How could I not be hooked the pages filled me with joyful statements of the chances of losing fat and maintaining muscle, better energy, concentration and stronger immune system! Great let’s do it.

 I’m ready I’m doing this! I want to be a better me!

Reality check

I’ve made my smoothie sniffed it tasted it and now I’m absolutely crapping my pants so much so I’ve Facebooked Sirt Foods – (you can find them here if you haven’t like their page yet) to see if there is any more fruit / veg I can add so my breath doesn’t resemble a farm and that I don’t have to drink a pile of compost! I will let you know what they say.

 Wish me luck! I need it!

Phase 1 Day 1

6a3c3a_646e1b71b9c84a84a13023f051ddef17 So it’s Day 1 I’m entering the hyper success phase i’m pumped i’m ready I have a shopping wish list created for all the amazing clothes my new toned body will fit in. But then what’s that I see in front of me a giant Hulk like flaw in my plan!

The lovely people over at SirtFood have replied to my desperate plea to add more fruits to my juice. Turns out you don’t blend this recipe you juice it.

Epic Fail Numero Uno! I guess the name gives it away in the title “The SirtFood Green Juice’ doesn’t it really. After months of only using my Nutribullet I kind of believed it was the master of everything. I’ve even  produced Jamie Oliver’s homemade pesto in it (parmesan swapped for goats cheese – remind me to tell you about my pea / pesto linguine it was amazing), I’ve read a few people online have kept it blended and consumed using a spoon. But no the NutriBullet version of  Sirtfood Green Juices is not for me and  if you like your taste buds I advise sticking to a using a juicer also.

 I’ve failed, I’m upset but I will not be defeated, I’ve re-made them and I’m ready. I have my three juices and matcha powder. The matcha powder I used was the “Bloom Supercharge Matcha Green Tea Powder” – Holland & Barrett.

 Juice Number 1 – Breakfast Time

It’s breakfast I have my first one at 08:30AM I’m not going to lie it doesn’t taste fantastic but I remind myself I go to Palma next week. Holding my nose it’s gone.

 Juice Number 2 – Mid Morning

Usually with my smoothies eating anything else wouldn’t really cross my mind. I spend many days shocked it’s 1PM and that the morning has flown by and I haven’t even snacked.

 Phase One of the Sirtfood Diet is the hyper success phase and days 1 -3 are the most intense. I wasn’t worried though I wasn’t expecting to feel anything different as smoothies and juices are pretty much the same right? Also after reading that many people who had taken part in the initial Sirtfood Programme hadn’t reported any feeling of hunger. How wrong am I. It’s 10:45AM and I am starving! It’s ok though I’m due another juice it’s all in my head and I’m being dramatic.

 Juice Number 3 – Lunch

It’s now 12:10PM my belly is rumbling my colleague is concerned about my mental state and I’m about to head to Chinatown to hunt out the ingredients for tonight’s one and only meal ‘Asian King Prawn Stir Fry with Buckwheat Noodles’, I’m afraid. I’m afraid to smell Greggs, I’m especially afraid to smell Chinatown. But not to worry I’m a strong independant woman I’ve got this. I really didn’t I wandered around the Grocery store trying to remember why the hell I was in there and not to run across the road to grab something deep fried to rub all over my face.

 I’m pleased to say I made it I headed back to the office I didn’t rub deep fried food across my face and I had my lunch time juice at 1PM. For good measure I threw in my allowance of dark chocolate and a nice cup of tea. I’m fine.

 Hours have now passed I intended on going to the gym after work. I didn’t go, the gym anxiety I once had was back. Fainting in front of a group of people is not for me.

 Meal of the Day – Tea Time

I was finally home I have 1.5 hours to make my meal before the 7PM cut off time. How hard can it be? For the average human who is pretty good at reading instructions and sticking to measurements not that hard. For me, well I didn’t know how the chicken stock worked adding 4 pots I destroyed my one and only meal of the day.

 I’m going to bed now I might cry who knows but tomorrow will be better right?

Phase 1 Day 2

6a3c3a_1f180e9fcedd4753971be6dc65f98977I’m hungry oh so hungry! It’s around this point we sit and think to ourselves is it really worth it? I can return those tiny denim shorts I bought for my holiday next week and who really needs to show off their stomach on the beach, oversized shirts are cool too right?

But then something happened.. my reflection. Looking in the bathroom mirror at work post prep talk “You got this alex, you are strong alex” I noticed I actually looked a hell of a lot slimmer. Is this the diet or is it because I was so bloated last night I resembled an 8 month pregnant lady that the comparison now is something that only happens with miracles, who knows.

What I do know though is for that split second I felt f*****g fantastic! I could see it now my Kelloggs Red Swimsuit Body on the beaches of Mallorca.

 I felt motivated I felt ready I wasn’t going to be defeated.

 My breakfast wasn’t too bad today I managed to make it to 11:10AM before needing my mid morning green fix. However I did have to recall some notes on a meeting I had yesterday because I couldn’t remember a single thing of what was discussed. Increased concentration I think not.

 We are at lunch time, I’m not proud to admit it but I snarled at a couple getting all cuddly on the street, i’m not against human affection I love romance. I have an amazing boyfriend who I love very much but still I couldn’t stop my face from scrunchhing. Thankfully they didn’t see my spiteful glare or I would’ve spent the next 30 minutes crying about what a terribly mean person I am.

 It’s 2:30PM it’s been a busy afternoon but lunch is here and I’m thankful. I’ve already had my daily allowance of dark chocolate so fingers crossed that tonight I don’t ruin my dinner otherwise I really will be crying myself to sleep.

1.5 Days to go – I can do this!

6a3c3a_abf2b509cad84962bfd602b0ec785828Phase 1 Day 3

I did something last night, I’m not very proud of it and I hope I never fall so low again but I Alexzandra Worthington at 25 years of age threw a tantrum in IKEA. That’s right a girly shrieking angry shouting tantrum. Why? Well I had to go to IKEA after work no one wants to do that, but you also really don’t want to do that after consuming no more than three green juices all day then being forced to sniff the famous meaty gravy delicious meatballs they serve. My poor boyfriend as he stood there blankly staring at me being judged by the couples, screaming children and foreign exchange students that sauntered past. It’s safe to say it is a moment I will never be allowed to forget.

 Luckily I survived though and I have made it to day three I would really love to know who these people are in the book that said they didn’t feel a slight pang of hunger. Has your your stomach ever rumbled in a meeting in front of 6 grown adults no? It’s embarrassing.

But I’ve made it to day 3 HIGH FREAKING FIVE TO ME! I think the hardest part has been lunch time, my belly doesn’t rumble anymore but when everyone in the office is popping in and out with Greggs, M&S Sandwiches and whatever other treats they have, at 12PM I struggle. I’ve found that keeping busy helps so I now spend my lunches shopping for my evening meals. Considering how hard the products are to find it takes up a good chunk of my lunch hour. Holland & Barrett have been fantastic so far and currently have a lovely ½ price sale which is great news as Buckwheat can be expensive. It does help to shop around though as Tesco also stock it at a lovely £1.90 the supermarkets in chinatown are fantastic too and great value for all your fresh spices and soba noodles, these appear a lot throughout the book.

 Tonight though has been a real eye opener of how fantastic all of these flavours are when they’re all mixed together. In the past I was always very afraid of cooking, my confidence wasn’t very high until my boyfriend really pushed me to start making new dishes from scratch which I’m so pleased he did. I think tonight’s meal is one of my all time favourite meals I’ve ever had, Aromatic Chicken, Kale Red Onions, Buckwheat and Homemade Chilli Salsa (pg 180) I think I may even have it again tomorrow. Is that aloud? My nails are however stained with turmeric, any advice on how to remove this I will be eternally grateful?

But I’m yet to lose any pounds on the scales this is thoroughly explained and revisited in the book you are not to rely on the scales to determine how much weight you are losing. You are encouraged more so to focus on changes in your well being and your energy levels. I’m not going to con you these aren’t too great at the minute but after tonights tea I’m definitely feeling much more motivated and excited.

 So what I have learnt today:

  • Don’t give up.

  • Cooking from scratch is so freaking rewarding.

  • Keep busy to avoid the hunger pangs.

  • Shop around.

  • Don’t embarrass yourself or your significant other in IKEA.

 Phase 1 Day 4 & 5

I have been a little MIA lately, don’t worry I didn’t give up on day 4 and cry into my pillow on Friday evening. I’m not going to lie to you all because I feel we are close now, I’ve disclosed my melt downs in IKEA that i’m always hungry and that the Sirtfood diet pushed me close to the edge.

6a3c3a_f05cf530eb844ef194d85f710e7fd1e9 So here it is on Friday I got drunk, oh so very drunk I should point out it was on red wine which IS allowed in the Sirtfood plan however I don’t think it is introduced until you hit Phase 2. Anyone thinking of doing the same DON’T living off 3 green juices and then drinking enough wine that a small village could consume is not bright or clever. We are taught to drink in moderation and on Friday I definitely did not, it was the typical case we all fall victim too ‘Oh go on then only one.’ I’d love to know if anyone else has managed to master this. I was so ill oh so very ill I woke up in the morning thinking lord help me please.

So you have a pounding head, your stomach is still turning at the thought of moving do you really want to consume a celery, parsley based juice NO big fat NO! BUT before you lose faith I did, I had all 3 thankfully to my very amazing fella who refused to allow me to give up because of a little hangover (his words not mine my hangover was a BIG one) So he made them all up in my little juice cups and I was sent on my way.

This weekend was spent packing as I’m due to move in with him I bet he can’t wait his crazy juice drinking crying for no reason, snarling at strangers girlfriend with a belly rumbling so loud in the night it wakes up the apartment block…. oh lucky him!

 So picture it with me;

  1. You have a hangover

  2. You are only on Juice 2

  3. You have about as much energy as a koala bear

  4. Buckwheat puffs taste like animal farts

  5. You are moving house

  6. All you want to do is cry

Do you really want Juice Number 3?

NO plain and simply no… I didn’t want anything but I held my nose chugged it down and I curled up in a ball in my half packed room and slept through to day number 5.

Day 5

I survived.. YAY! The hangover has kind of gone – i’m always a 2 day hangover girl I think that’s because I always consume 2 days worth of alcohol in one night.

This is the day I really did realise that preparation is 100% key in this diet you need to have everything ready in advance in order for it to fit in with your lifestyle. With all my items in cardboard boxes hunting out coconut flakes for sirt musli is just not going to happen. Should I of been more prepared? Should I probably not of packed all my stuff away in a hungover daze? No but thanks once again to my wonderful boyfriend there they were my Day 5 juices sat in the fridge from the day before all the solid particles sat at the bottom of the cup. But with moving carrying boxes the last thing on my mind was drinking the vegetable particles on their descent to the bottom to the dark murky depths of vegetable patch. So on Day 5 I only managed to consume 1 green juice and beans on toast at around 8PM at night! It was brown toast which is a plus I guess!

Was this the diet for me?

Truthfully, i’m afraid not there are some great recipes and dishes to cook up however they aren’t explained well at all you need to have some intermediate cooking skills and a decent addition of common sense in order to make them. To continually keep up this lifestyle I will need to start earning a lot more money buckwheat puffs and flakes don’t come easy.

The ingredients for your juices don’t last and you are flying through packets of celery and kale like it’s black Friday. My energy levels decreased and I spent the day’s running my tongue across my teeth because I felt I had green moss growing over them, with a confused and dazed expression because truthfully I had no idea what was going on. The extra few pounds around my belly haven’t disappeared like it did with my smoothies and I feel continually felt sad.

 What I will take away from it though is the recipes taste fantastic when you get to grips with them and I will be using a few of them as I go on as well as adding more Sirt food items to my diet day to day for that little extra ooomph.  I managed to lose 5 whole pounds which is great I do look better I’ve been complimented on my face looking thinner and leaner arms but this is where my journey of The SirtFood Diet ends it unfortunately isn’t the lifestyle change for me.

Celery bags used: 9

Tears: 1000’s

Buckwheat seeds: 1000’s

Parsley Plants: 3

Pounds lost: 5

Signing out from a defeated


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I'm Alex, a 26-year-old Lifestyle Blogger from Manchester. Once upon a time piling on the pounds, I'm now I'm changing my lifestyle for a healthier better me. I've tried it all, the juice diets, sirtfood diets, 5:2 diets you name it I've done it. My aim is to tell you all about it, but I guarantee we will get distracted along the way.

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