I Welcome Juice Master Jason Vale into my life

6a3c3a_5a9e994bd00440b7a7bd12516253a5b5.jpgSo we all know how the Sirtfood diet went for those that don’t not that great, we will leave that there. I was upset as I finally thought I had my new diet I could stick to for the rest of my life. A life of Green Juice what more could I want? Well substance would have been nice less celery also.

 Anyway I’m not here to discuss the downfalls of The Sirtfood Diet but to big up my latest craze Mr Jason Vale. For those of you who don’t know who Jason vale is he is the ‘Juice Master’ or so they say he exploded onto the health food scene many moons ago and now has more than 7 top selling books all about Juicing. Like us all he started his journey feeling lethargic, overweight read a book about Juicing and off he went.

After my last trial I was sceptical to try Juicing again but my uncle and a few people I know have used his methods and lost over 1 stone in a matter of months. This I have to point out is through a full juice substituted diet, I won’t be doing this I will be merely incorporating his juices into my daily routine whilst embarking on a journey of that mythically thing exercise and ridding myself of some naughty habits.

Weighing in at a wonderful 10st 9ibs I begin my Super Slimming Green Juice Journey…

 It’s the night before I’m not as afraid as I was last time, there’s no farm like pong wafting out of my Nutribullet and the consistency of the juice is much thicker possibly due to the addition of the avocado and ice in the Nutribullet.

Day 1

So far so good! I slowly consumed my juice whilst getting ready for work this morning. It was super refreshing and a nice change to a cold cup of tea I’ve forgotten about that I chug on the way out.  Not going to lie I could taste the celery so I think tonight I will add a little coconut water to help mask it over.

 Its 11AM I’ve only just started to get a little peckish I snack on some strawberries and grapes and back to it. I have to say I’m feeling a lot more alert that how I usually feel after a bowl of cereal. I’ve discovered after eating cereal around 15 – 30minutes later I feel tired and sluggish. The Monday blues really start to kick in.

But not today I’m one of those super alert, hyperactive employees we all detest on a Monday Morning and sit asking ourselves how the hell do they have so much energy.

 Its lunch time – 1PM and I’m off for 45minutes of yoga on my lunch hour. I say it like I do it every week religiously. After suffering with a back injury I’ve found Yoga and Pilates to really help with the pain in my lower back whilst also reducing the tension in my shoulders from being sat at a PC. My only struggle is it’s on at lunch time and sometimes it can get a little crazy and you are forced to miss your class due to workloads etc. We all know how it is however it really is something I want to set aside more time for and strive to get there at least twice a week. If not, I still have a couple DVD’S in the cellophane wrappers on my bookshelf :/ that I can try when I get home. Have you ever tried to participate in floor based exercise though with a 2-year-old miniature pomchi dog licking your face?

For lunch I’ve had a quick soup and updated my fitness pal. I understand the basics of food and good carbs bad carbs etc. however I’ve never really know what to eat to hit my goals. My Fitness Pal really helps with this and tells me if I need to include more fibre or reduce carbs and its free WOO!  I will delve more into this the more I learn.

 It’s almost home time, I haven’t snarled at anyone, cried or felt faint I walked the stairs 11 floors instead of taking the lift and I’m actually looking forward to going home and walking the dog.  So far so good!

Week 1 | The Results

So how many days are there in one week? Seven… and how many pounds have I lost in this last week SEVEN!

Yeahp that is right 7 whole pounds have gone missing from my body!

 There was a lot of happy dances today:

  One on the scales

 One when I got off the scales

Then one when I got to work and told everyone I possibly could  

 I feel fabulous and very proud of myself! To be honest though even if I hadn’t of lost 7ibs I would of been just as happy with how i’m currently feeling, I have more energy, I’m super alert and I’m feeling super motivated. I have positive sparkles just falling off me.

 What’s the difference and why do I feel so much better this time?


The changes I have made fit with my lifestyle, I’m not struggling to find ingredients in health food shops of paying over the odds for wheats that tastes of farm. I fit my new exercise classes in at lunch time leaving my evenings free for cooking and juice making.

 No restrictions

I wasn’t limited to what I ate, my belly never rumbled and I didn’t unnecessarily snarl at anybody. The devil on my shoulder finally went into hiding and my new morning juices taste spectacular.

 Keeping Track

This time I monitored my intake with the help of the App My Fitness Pal. I am addicted to updating my data to see the nutritional values of the food I am eating and it makes me super aware of what exactly is going into my body.If you want to follow my journey I’m alexzandrajw

 Better choices

Instead of taking the lift I now tackle 11 flights of stairs at work. It hasn’t been easy my legs hurt, I’m out of breath when I get to the top and I have to rest on level 6 do I care NO my ass is FIRM! Also My Fitness Pal gives me extra points.


It has been great talking to people and finding out what they are trying to achieve. We may not have the same end goal but we are all trying to make ourselves healthier and it becomes a hot topic of conversation now. You never know what you can learn from other people and having the support network around you is a great confidence boost.

 My Boyfriend

The wonderful patient being he is… He knows I’m weak and partial to fried food, chocolate and a bag of crisps. He knows I’m easily led by my stomach and has really really kept me on target. If I’m feeling weak he will remind me of all the hard work I have put in and the research and hours spent cooking up healthy meals and remind me of how fab I felt that morning when I looked in the mirror and was really starting to see a difference. How he sits happily trying and testing my new recipes even if some of them are a disaster. He’s always honest with his critique and tells me the truth even if I don’t want to hear it.

He really is fabulous i’m very lucky 🙂


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I'm Alex, a 26-year-old Lifestyle Blogger from Manchester. Once upon a time piling on the pounds, I'm now I'm changing my lifestyle for a healthier better me. I've tried it all, the juice diets, sirtfood diets, 5:2 diets you name it I've done it. My aim is to tell you all about it, but I guarantee we will get distracted along the way.

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