My First Spin Class

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Have you ever sat and thought to yourself I know what I will do today I will sit stationary and peddle my little legs as fast as they can possibly go? Yeah me neither, until last night.

 I have often looked from afar at the Spin Studio at my local gym but today I didn’t just look I actually took part. I sat last night booking my regular weekly classes and for some strange reason thought to myself hmm I’m going to give a spin class a try if Victoria Beckham can do it so can I.

So off I went and I booked myself onto the class I was surprised at my calmness I was acting like it was something I did every week. It’s fine I said, I workout, I do HIIT it can’t be that difficult. But as I put on a brave face tricking myself into a false sense of calmness there was a little ball in my stomach I was terrified as I clicked that book now button I swear everything around me slowed down, the thought of going into the unknown was all a little too much.

But I was going to be ok I had been blessed by an angel and a warning appeared the little box told me sorry there’s a waiting list. Of course, there is, looking at spinners I always see them as this super motivated little cult that high five each other and chest pump shouting things like you got this, do it for your mother, your a machine! They are like the cool gang back at school and I’m there in the background wondering if I will ever fit into their spinning world.

So It’s Monday it’s a new working week and I was happy, I would not be spinning today (such a shame it was busy). Then PING, email ‘WAITING LIST ALERT, THERE IS NOW AVAILABILITY’ I have never felt so physically sick waiting for a gym class before.  I must have come up with over 30 excuses not to go, I washed my hair last night, my trainers aren’t spin suitable, someone might need me at work, I don’t have a bobble. I swear I was in a constant mind warp,  it was emotional.

It’s time and I’m late well I’m not but clearly, there is a spinner rule to get their early. I felt eyes on me here she is the newbie, late pfft. I explained to the instructor I was new, not just his eyebrows raised and I heard the shriek of you have never span before? This is your first time? I should have run then,  far far away and canceled my membership. This wasn’t going to be all bright and breezy this was going to be absolutely ball busting.

I found a bike, not at the back I wanted to be able to see I went for the second row god I wish I had gone for the back. Everyone was in mid-cycle warm up, I jump up on my seat, literally jump, the seat was set a lot higher than I needed it to be and could I find how to make it smaller? Obviously not, new girl ALERT! Luckily the instructor could see I was struggling, he kindly headed over, gave me a quick low down and arranged my seat, much more comfortable. If comfortable means sticking your arse on a solid seat that digs so far into your lady parts it makes you want to cry then yes I was comfortable.

 Anyway, I’m off, as the instructor screams at you UPPPP. DOOOOWN stand tall down and SPRINT!! … 5 minutes in I can’t breathe my legs are moving so fast I’m afraid I will lose them and there’s sweat in my eyes. I actually thought about walking out I really don’t want to be in the gang anymore I was thinking. Luckily my brain took over and told the niggling negative nancy to sit down and we were completing this, I wish I could have sat down. Up down cycle cycle cycle for 30 minutes there was even cycling push ups. Between the group and all those legs, I think we may have created a vortex for other life forms to enter our world from outta space.

Intensity up a full circle, F*CK no no no back down back down my legs were so heavy the bike came to standstill and I couldn’t push anymore. This was the time I wished I was at the back I was all of a sudden very aware of myself and my abilities. Looking round the room I didn’t necessarily think I looked the most unhealthy I felt sad ‘why can’t I peddle that fast’ ‘how can they do so many push-ups.’ But clearly spin isn’t about how much you weigh, how old you are or how sweaty you are it’s about going hard and fast it really is a serious motivator, it’s a real mind over matter situation.  I had to have so many words with myself.

I was sat next to a very nice gentleman that when we were at the rest stages reassured me I was doing fine and that the shock was all very normal and before I knew it the class was over. My bottom was hurting I’m sorry but how does VB do it? Her ass definitely isn’t carrying as much as mine,  she cannot be comfy! My legs trembled but then a little moment happened I was so super proud of myself I had a little light, it took away the pain for a little while and I considered busting out a happy dance. The gentleman on my right congratulated me on my first class the lady to my left said see you next week and I thought to myself is this it am I in? Am I in Spin Group?

I hope so because I’m definitely going back next week. As soon as I was out I booked on the same class for the week after, well that’s a lie I 100% showered first I was disgusting! My freshly cleaned hair was dripping wet and I’m unsure if my clothes will ever be the same again.

So, as terrifying as it was and as hard as it was I really can’t wait for next week I guess the feeling of achievement afterward outweighs all the negatives and I guess over time I will get better. Well, I hope I do, things CAN only get better right? It’s definitely worth a try even just to step out of your comfort zone, it’s a great feeling when you have dreaded something for so long and you finally overcome your anxieties and get round to doing it.

You could hate it and never go again but guess what against all your concerns and fear you’ve done it! That’s a great feeling, right?


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I'm Alex, a 26-year-old Lifestyle Blogger from Manchester. Once upon a time piling on the pounds, I'm now I'm changing my lifestyle for a healthier better me. I've tried it all, the juice diets, sirtfood diets, 5:2 diets you name it I've done it. My aim is to tell you all about it, but I guarantee we will get distracted along the way.

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