Why I’m MOOving away from Dairy (see what I did there)

Everyone that knows me knows that I have ultimate admiration for tea it fulfills so many roles, it wakes me up in the morning, it keeps me warm, it makes me happy and it is always great in an emergency, literally the kettle is always on. But soon it won’t be… well, it will there just won’t be any milky tea served for me anymore.

During my holiday I picked up the book ‘Reverse the Signs of Ageing’ and strangely there was a lot of focus on the gut and how it affects your overall wellbeing. It wasn’t the first time I had seen Dairy be noted as a trigger factor it also featured in Khloe Kardashian Strong Looks Better Naked, I know I know I can’t believe I read it either. But there was one link in both of these books on how dairy can cause real issues for your gut which is something I’ve been suffering a lot with lately. I’ve had problems like bloating, sickness and stomach ulcers and generally feeling unwell all the time.

I always thought that with changing my diet these symptoms would pass as I was getting healthier and stronger but I still can’t shift my bloating bulge and excruciating stomach pain, all symptoms that link to dairy.  After becoming increasingly fed up I read further and I decided this could be a massive contributing factor to the issues I am having so it can’t hurt to remove it for a month and see how I feelI

Now I don’t claim or have ever claimed to be a nutritionist, I can’t tell you what is right and wrong about for your body but here’s what I have found out so far:

Bloaty Tum

It’s a running joke in our family that when we eat foods that don’t agree with us we are instantly greeted by our buddha bellies. But how can I still be suffering I’ve cut out all bloat prone foods but one thing I didn’t remove was dairy. Turns out three-quarters of us actually can’t digest dairy we don’t have the correct enzymes. Even though you haven’t been diagnosed as being intolerant you could have a real sensitivity to dairy products and not even know. Also, Dutch scientists have found that 20 percent of IBS sufferers have an inability to digest the milk sugar lactose. Undigested lactose can ferment in the gut and cause an increase of IBS symptoms resulting in bloaty sore buddha bellies all around.

Sleepy Head

Something else I seem to have issues with I’m always so sleepy I get more than enough sleep and my diet is healthy and clean so why do I feel so goddam tired? Turns out dairy is linked to chronic fatigue. If you are intolerant to a certain food your body goes into crazy mode trying to digest it causing your body great amounts of stress impairing our ability to get the nutrients we need leaving us tired, unenthusiastic and with zero energy. Also, studies have shown those that suffer from asthma, headaches, fatigue and digestive problems have reported complete improvements after cutting dairy from their diet.

Your bones

But how will my bones be safe? Won’t they become brittle? After a lot of clever marketing, we are led to believe that we NEED dairy for our bones the dairy industry has done a great job of making us believe it is our one and only source by linking milk to strong bones and preventing osteoporosis but apparently the research doesn’t back it up all that much. According to a new study in the British Medical Journal high cow’s milk intake is associated with an increased risk of bone fractures.

Spotty Face

Now I love sauce especially creamy sauces Carbonara, anyone? But on the times I have treated myself to a scrummy cake with cream or pizza I wake up with patchy blotchy sore skin. Why? Turns out Dairy products are the leading cause of acne, a review published in a 2013 issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that certain products, especially cow’s milk, produce and stimulate hormones linked with acne. Did you know Cows are kept on sex hormones or pregnant for their entire lives in order to lactate so when you consume dairy you’re also taking in significant amounts of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone? Imagine those all swimming around in your body!

So after all that it can’t hurt to try can it?


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I'm Alex, a 26-year-old Lifestyle Blogger from Manchester. Once upon a time piling on the pounds, I'm now I'm changing my lifestyle for a healthier better me. I've tried it all, the juice diets, sirtfood diets, 5:2 diets you name it I've done it. My aim is to tell you all about it, but I guarantee we will get distracted along the way.

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