Zanna van Dijk rants about Nutrition and I loved it!

I’m loving the Zanna van Dijk rant on nutrition in her latest youtube video! It’s so very fitting to my meltdown on Friday! I’d become so focused on what I was eating and with being unwell I’d reduced my gym routine in order to feel better and rest. Instead of feeling better and resting I found that I had become completely obsessed with what I was eating and I would stand staring at the aisles in the supermarket arguing with myself over which salad had the lowest calories and the highest fiber. It’s a Salad for god sake!!!!!

I was really beating myself up that I hadn’t been up to scratch in the gym so I needed to eat the right things. But then Friday came around it was Halloween I was finally starting to feel myself and get better I wanted scary movies and popcorn. As I paid and left this sudden pang of guilt took over so it resulted in a ruined Friday night of hours of tears, that I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t changing  when really my main focus should have been getting myself fit and feeling better by not stressing so much because I hadn’t exercised and I’d chose to have a goddam bag of popcorn on a Friday night!

I agree everything should be done in balance and I have 100% found that when I restrict myself that’s when I stress myself out the most and become really bogged down with my routine. I want to know that I can ENJOY food and not grow to resent it! That way I stay in love with what I’m trying to achieve when it becomes a chore I’m not interested! I have enough of those already 🙌🏼


Zanna hits it on the head perfectly in her latest rant, look at her she’s beautiful, works bloody hard and has the body of an angel so if she wants some goddam french toast she can! This is one of the reasons she featured recently has my Top 3 favourite Instagrammers her honest no messing approach is admirable and she radiates everything positive about healthy living but she tells the truth and that’s what’s important. I am literally so excited for her new book STRONG to launch you can pre-order it now from amazon.

Remember Food is for the Soul 🍵

Check out the video here it starts from about 5:46


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I'm Alex, a 26-year-old Lifestyle Blogger from Manchester. Once upon a time piling on the pounds, I'm now I'm changing my lifestyle for a healthier better me. I've tried it all, the juice diets, sirtfood diets, 5:2 diets you name it I've done it. My aim is to tell you all about it, but I guarantee we will get distracted along the way.

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