I’ve had a makeover!

twitter-headerSo, GUESS WHAT?? I’ve had a makeover!! Well, not me personally but 25andCounting I sat and had a think about what I was posting and I felt I had become really restricted in what I felt I could write about, I struggled for content because I wasn’t a health & fitness professional and the last thing I wanted to do was provide false info!

So, in the long run, it’s resulted in a lack of posts and truthfully lack of inspiration! 👎🏼 I mean really there’s only so many things I can tell you about my weight loss journey it takes time and I want to WRITE! Not that I’m the best I spell things wrong and use a lot of these – But I’ve come to find it pretty fun and met a great group of new bloggers along the way and I’m really enjoying it.

I will still tell you about my healthy living but I do a lot more than eat spinach and hit the gym I live in the best city in the world and I want to share my experiences not just with fitness but life!

Over the year I have changed my lifestyle and grown into a new person, well not new I’m still the same just better and I think it’s time for 25andCounting to grow with me so ladies and gents drum roll please….  and say hello to http://www.alexzandrajade.co.uk

I’m not 100% finished yet with the site so please bare with me, learning to use WordPress is HARD!

I hope you like it and as always I love hearing your feedback!



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I'm Alex, a 26-year-old Lifestyle Blogger from Manchester. Once upon a time piling on the pounds, I'm now I'm changing my lifestyle for a healthier better me. I've tried it all, the juice diets, sirtfood diets, 5:2 diets you name it I've done it. My aim is to tell you all about it, but I guarantee we will get distracted along the way.

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