Add a little sunshine to your winter days with this Gorge Summer Salad…

Soo Manchetser is FREEZING cold today and I’m refusing to let it get me down instead I’m wrapping up warm and prepping my lunches. Lunch options can sometimes get a little dull, especially when you are trying to be healthy. But with this gorge summer salad it will add a little sunshine to your lunch box making you feel that little bit brighter… and it’s super tasty.

If you want to add a little sunshine to your week too check out the recipe below for a yummy lunch option.


Butternut Squash, Fig Salad


1/4 Butternut Squash

Rocket Leaves


Lg Watercress Leaves

Spring Onions

Chopped Figs (handful)

Goji Berries

Crushed Almonds

Sunflower Seeds

Wholemeal Croutons

It’s like Summer in a bowl and that is exactly what this dish reminds me of – My  Summer holiday to Africa. We had one of the most fantastic chefs in Malawi his creations were spectacular. Every day we would all sit and question can tonight’s meal get any better than yesterdays? It was none stop yummy foodiness for 7 whole days. His perfect creation of colours and love for butternut squash inspired this salad creation and it couldn’t actually be any easier to make. 

Get a big bowl, throw in your washed spinach, watercress, rocket leaves qty up to you it depends how many of you are eating.

Heat your oven to around 180C butter both sides of your bread and remove the crusts. Chop into squares pop it into the oven on a tray lined with baking paper. They should be ready in around 15mins.

Now it’s time to get peeling and chopping;

Peel your butternut squash and slice it ever so thinly, I used a potato peeler for long thin strips.

Slice your figs

Chop your Almonds

Check on those croutons. All good?

Heat a pan with a tsp of coconut oil when it’s ready add your Butternut Squash for a few minutes followed by your almonds, figs, a small handful of sunflower seeds,  goji berries and finally your spring onions.

Leave for a couple of minutes giving it a shake up from time to time.

Take it from the heat and throw it into your salad bowl giving it a good old mix about.

Top with Balsamic glaze and there you have it finished. It’s as easy as that!


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I'm Alex, a 26-year-old Lifestyle Blogger from Manchester. Once upon a time piling on the pounds, I'm now I'm changing my lifestyle for a healthier better me. I've tried it all, the juice diets, sirtfood diets, 5:2 diets you name it I've done it. My aim is to tell you all about it, but I guarantee we will get distracted along the way.

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