A Beautiful Mothers Day Brunch at Cote Brasserie – Manchester

Now I love a brunch, it’s quite possibly my favourite type of meal,  avocados, poached eggs all accompanied with a glass of champagne that you aren’t judged for drinking before 12PM, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? So when I was invited along to the Cote Brasserie Mother Days Sampler how could I say no.

Greeted by the lovely team we were walked to our table by the window. A beautiful bunch of flowers lay there from The Manchester Florist along with a pot of homemade Blueberry Jam, Jon took quite a liking to this, more on that later. I easily forgot the glum Manchester weather and the rain hammering on the windows from the grey cloudy  skies. The warm, cosy restaurant with dimly lit lighting,  complimented the french interior of the restaurant well and allowed me to break away from reality just for a little while.

Sipping champagne I admired the menu, it was vast and had something for everyone. I opted for the Eggs Benedict, it’s my favourite and Jon chose the Full English Breakfast. We both of course chose the breakfast tea, once a northerner always a northerner. I haven’t quite acquired the taste for a matcha latte yet.

Not long after our order the waiter appeared with two giant pots of tea, one each.. this was great, I loved this. I hate, hate might be a bit strong actually, but I do have a real dislike for miniature tea pots and sharing tea pots. There is just not enough in a small tea pot to get me through my meal and as for sharing NO, I want my own. Also they had Soy milk, hallelujah! You would be so surprised, that still to this day the amount of eateries in Manchester that do not have an alternate to dairy milk. Ultimate brownie points were acquired here for Cote.

A few moments later, food was served. My eggs benedict was lovely and hot. Read my recent posts? You will know  I can’t bear luke warm food. The egg was runny when popped, the ham was thick and fresh and I didn’t even have to embarrass myself to ask for tomato ketchup, it was all there. Jon’s full english looked delicious and I felt myself having a little food envy. But not as much as the envy I had for the neighbouring tables vegetarian breakfast. It looked gorgeous and will definitely be my choice when I visit again.

Both very happy with our Sunday Brunch, we left bellies full to brave the rain and head home. Some not quite as full as others though as Mr Green decided the blueberry jam was his for the taking. He was so excited to try blueberry jam on toast all his morals went out of the window and I was forced to ask if we could have it, it was uber embarrassing,  like a lovely brunch wasn’t enough.. (hides face and laughs).

All in all it was a very tasty brunch, in a lovely restaurant with great staff and great choices. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Cote to anyone that wanted a spot to go for brunch this Mothers Day and for a set price of £15.95 you would be crazy to miss it.

If you want a sneak peak of the menu you can find it here 

You can also book ahead here to secure you Mothers Day table.


Thank you once agin to all of the staff at Cote for taking care of us so well and Victoria at Toast PR for inviting me along.

Book fast guys, it’s filling up!




Cote Brasserie,

4 – 12 St Mary’s Street


M3 2LB











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