Eternally grateful to HALE Cook

You’ve just moved to a new house, spent 2 weeks prior packing, cleaning, lugging boxes and furniture around. You’ve finally unloaded them all in your beautiful new home, you can’t see the floor for chaos, it’s late, you have no pots or pans because you didn’t label your boxes and the last thing on this earth you could possibly want to do is cook a meal from scratch. This was me over a week ago, the thought of having to dig through those boxes made my world want to end. I was tired, cranky, there was no bedding on my bed and yes there was tears. But it was all going to be ok thanks to ‘COOK Hale’.

Earlier that day to escape the chaos, I had walked my dog past this adorable little shop in the village. I had never heard of COOK before so went around for a nosey. I got chatting to a lovely chap running the store and he handed me a sample of beef tagine. OMG it was delicious? and guess what? It was originally frozen, no way I thought. After a little more chitter chatter I discovered that COOK creates gorgeous food ready for you to pick straight out of your freezer. It’s all prepared by hand at their kitchen in Kent, using all homemade ingredients. After hearing about our crazy move I was handed a full Beef Tagine meal to trial at home from the manager. I couldn’t have been more grateful, I grabbed an Uncle Bens Mediterranean vegetable microwave rice (I know, how lazy) and whipped up a quick homemade guacamole to serve alongside.

I’m usually a little fussy when it comes to frozen meals, I feel a little weird about the quality of meat, the ingredients used and that awful collection of additional water after the defrost stage. With ‘COOK Hale’ I honestly didn’t have to worry; their beef tagine was absolutely delicious.  The Moroccan flavours soaked into the meat beautifully, the herbs and spices used complimented the dish perfectly and I was left feeling full, happy and eternally grateful I had this little number tucked away in my freezer. I will definitely be heading back to sneak away a few more little treasures for those rainy days I just don’t want to cook on and I honestly can’t wait to give them all a try.

It’s not just a damsel in distress that’s struggling with a house move they take care of though COOK Hale has some great offers. It looks as though they do what they can to take care of everyone in their time of need, from new parents with their 10% off for all new parents offer, 30% discount for community events and 15% off all Veggie meals until the 31st May. There’s pretty much something to suit everyone, allowing you to free up a little more you time getting you out of the kitchen and focusing on other important tasks at hand.

I owe a great big thanks to COOK Hale and I can’t wait to see them again soon.

If you want to know more about them you can find them with the details below.

Website: COOK Hale

Facebook: @cookkitchen



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